Boxing Talk with Jez DAggy

Boxing Talk with Jez DAggy #003 (Personal Training : Online V Offline and in person)

October 13, 2020

Online personal training is a growing industry; seeing massive growth since Covid-19 hit.  On episode 3 of Boxing Talk, Jez discusses the pro and cons of both online and offline boxing training, and why online training may only be suitable for a particular type of client.


Jez D’Agostino is an ex-professional boxer, who’s fought and trained with some of the biggest and best names in the business. His career has been filled with highs and lows, and he’s learned lessons every step of the way.


He passes this knowledge on to his clients every day with the work he does at Premier Performance Training as a coach to boxers, atheletes and fitness enthusiasts.


He’ll share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you on this Podcast. The epsisodes will cover motivation, mindset, nutrition, fitness and everything BOXING.


To train with Jez check out his boutique PT studio here :

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